MH370: Share Information

Have information about efforts to locate or film MH370’s resting place? If so, you can send it confidentially to Mike Chillit at [email protected]. No one else has access to the account.

I am also offering a $5,000 payment for verifiable images or footage of the plane’s debris field. One or both of the plane’s recorders are believed to lie in -6,000 meters of water at or near -22.26581S, 102.2839E in the Wallaby-Zenith Fracture Zone.

“Near” is defined as within a radius of approximately 30 kilometers east and south, and an arc distance of about 71 km of the white pin.


Area within the Wallaby-Zenith Fracture Zone believed to be the resting place for MH370.


Michael Chillit Tweet, August 19, 2021


Area of Interest for $5,000 offer.

The sole intent of this offer is to appeal to the higher nature of those with relevant information, who share my belief that the MH370 tragedy must be opened up to public scrutiny to permit families around the world who lost loved ones in the crash, to be helped to heal and move on.

I encourage anyone and everyone to come forward with images and descriptions if they have tangible, verifiable information about what was found in the area shown above by the DSSV Pressure Drop expedition in May 2021. A similar voyage was made in 2017 by the German Ship R/V Sonne on a Geomar-sponsored survey of parts of the same area. Not surprisingly, some of the same people were on the 2017 voyage, including Dr. Alan Jamieson who was at the time teaching at Newcastle College, UK. Oddly, Dr. Jamieson left Newcastle College when he was hired by the University of Western Australia (UWA) for the May 2021 followup cruise with a rich endowment as “Founding Director” of UWA’s Ocean Sciences department.

I will also note that the 2017 R/V Sonne expedition to the Zenith location did not do the same rigorous study of the area that was done in other locations after Zenith on the expedition’s slow trek to Sri Lanka. But camera-enabled landers were dropped to the seafloor at 11 confirmed Zenith locations. It is a matter of public record and it does not appear that the R/V Sonne expedition released all of the imagery and film of the Zenith area as it was required to do under the contract agreement. Lots of questions. Few answers. Please help.