MH370 Jamieson 1

Previously shared with US, State, and local law enforcement officials, and relevant elected officials, including U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.

When entities have unlimited capital and a ruthless sense of right and wrong, they sometimes take things into their own hands. And governments sometimes give them free-reign. MH370 is a perfect example of this. If I had known just exactly how true that is way back in 2017, I’d have had fewer surprises along the way.

In 2017, the nominal victim advocate, Grace Nathan, mounted an internet smear campaign against me that turned out to be centered in Perth, Australia. I believe Grace was living in Kuala Lumpur at the time. At the time, it made very little sense to me that someone living in Malaysia would be using Perth as her base of operations.

Over the years, Grace disappeared into the background while others came forward to continue the campaign in various ways. One of them claimed to live in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand; one claimed to be an alcoholic from the Maldives; others from UK or elsewhere. So many different Trolls I no longer remember all of them. All used exactly the same tactics: rude, personal attacks, name calling, etc.

While I continue to believe Grace Nathan was personally involved for a while, many, many others have participated, including various members of the so-called “IG” or Independent Group, which has given us such masterpieces as 15 bad guesses in the Southern Ocean, and most recently, its “WSPR” embarrassment. All intended to simply divert attention from MH370’s crash location and all efforts connected with it.

Did this problem afflict others trying to help locate the plane? Not that I’ve heard, but it’s certainly possible. If one knows Western Australia and Perth well enough, I rather imagine this tactic has been used before by the same people on many other issues. We typically call it organized crime in the US; Australia calls it free enterprise.

The next few posts share pieces of correspondence I’ve sent and received during the past four weeks. This first one is one I sent to Dr. Alan Jamieson at the urging of Victor Vescovo on December 21, 2021.